Moroccan Black Soap with Argan Oil 200g


Humidify the body and apply the black soapĀ on the whole body. Leave it act from five to ten minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm to hot water and proceed to scrub with a kessa glove. The Black soap can be used both in the Hammam or in the bathroom. Once the skin gummed and washed with soap then dried, you can choose to coat your body of Argan oil for example in order to feed and help to quickly rebuild the hydrolipidic protective film of your skin.

Traditionally, Moroccan black soap is used as an exfoliator, it is used to prepare the skin for a gentle exfoliation, to eliminate the dead cells by getting rid of toxins and impurities the clean skin can breathe better. Its richness in glycerin vegetable makes it moisturizing and softening and that of vitamin E gives it the property antioxidant.

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Moroccan Black soap is a 100% natural product, made from a high olive oil quality. With its strong exfoliating power, it is used traditionally in hammams to prepare the skin for exfoliation. It natural richness in glycerin and Vitamin E gives the skin suppleness and softness with anti-radical effect. In addition, the introduction of oils adequate resources gives it relaxing properties, and respiratory.
Creamy and oily paste without any grain. Unlike its name black soap can come in different colors depending on the oil used in its composition. it can be brown-black or green-black.



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